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Zero Budget Facebook Marketing by Marcus Teoh

Zero Budget Facebook Marketing (#ZBFM) is a 1-Day hands-on workshop designed to help entrepreneurs and sales professionals to fully capitalize on their personal networks to build personal brand and attract enquiries and referrals for their businesses. Through simple and creative use of content (captions, photographs, wordings and videos), strategic planning and leveraging on Facebook’s functions and features in a personal account (not Facebook page), participants are introduced to seven steps to sustainable and scalable marketing success in the first of its kind Facebook marketing program, developed from real life business experience.

#ZBFM – 7 Steps to Sustainable and Scalable Marketing Success via Facebook:

STEP 1: Establish a Powerful and Positive 1st Impression

STEP 2: Utilize Facebook’s Fantastic Features

STEP 3: Brand Yourself and Your Business via “Photo-Marketing“

STEP 4: Craft Engaging & Impactful Content (#MEMEPO)

STEP 5: Build Networks through Facebook

STEP 6: Avoid Common Mistakes

STEP 7: Build A Facebook Marketing Team without Hiring

Learn 21 Powerful Facebook Account/Profile “How-Tos”:

  1. How to leave a strong and positive 1st impression from your Facebook Profile
  2. How to use “Photo-marketing” techniques to build credibility and gain trust quickly
  3. How to take a good We-Fie that boosts your personal brand
  4. How to write captions that attract attention and curiosity
  5. How to share stories and engaging content related to your business and you to “soft-sell”
  6. How to build strong relationships on Facebook with people you seldom get to meet
  7. How to program our Facebook friends’ subconscious to naturally send you enquiries
  8. How to capitalize on the power of “On This Day” function, the best “R.O.I” in Facebook
  9. How to use “Tag” tastefully, tactfully and timely
  10. How to use “Check-In” to increase personal exposure
  11. How to create and use #Hashtag to extend our business mileage effectively
  12. How to get people to share your content willingly and happily
  13. How to craft content so engaging that you have a group of loyal followers
  14. How to remind your Facebook friends about your business without intruding their personal space
  15. How to monitor and control content on your timeline carefully maintain positive personal branding
  16. How to become a broadcaster and receive hundreds of view within 24 hours
  17. How to grow your friend list to increase your audience base
  18. How to convert a media appearance onto a Facebook post with hundreds of likes
  19. How to avoid the most common mistakes in Facebook postings
  20. How to use Facebook to conduct market research and market validation
  21. How to capitalize on profile photo and cover photo updates for maximum exposure

Who should attend #ZBFM Workshop?

Who should NOT attend #ZBFM Workshop yet?

  1. Entrepreneurs, property agents, insurance agents, unit trust agents and sales professionals who would like to maximize business and personal exposure without spending additional dollars on Facebook
  2. Solopreneurs (“One-man/One-woman” show) and freelancers who want to promote themselves and their businesses with very limited resources (time and budget)
  3. Individuals who want to become social media influencers or a subject matter expert to attract opportunities

Past participants of #ZBFM
  1. Individuals who do not have a Facebook account yet. Basic Facebook knowledge is required for effective learning
  2. Individuals who want to learn how to use Facebook Advertisements (paid advertising). This workshop does NOT cover Facebook Advertisement
  3. Individuals who do not have a smart phone with camera function yet




Success Stories from Participants

1) Increased Facebook post likes by 3 X from applying practical lessons from #ZBFM in just weeks

Sabrina Tang, Founder and Managing Director of Sweatspa


2) Received 29 shares from attending #ZBFM in just 30 minutes

Lingesh Lechamanan, Social Entrepreneur & Profesional Speaker

3) Record likes on Facebook Profile photo update and on single Facebook post

Joelle Kwok, Director Style Junction Advertising and Marketing Agency



Success Stories from Course Instructor

Generating 6 inquiries for a second-hand car dealership within 24 hours from posting (31 August 2016)

[Screenshot 1/3: Posting photos and the true story of a car dealership “Saya Motor” and received more than 100 likes within 48 hours] 

[Screenshot 2/3: Communication with interested parties]

[Screenshot 3/3: Total of 6 enquiries for car sales and trade-ins within 48 hours excluding enquiries who sent personal messages directly]

Generated multiple leads and secured an appointment with head of department of an international bank

Successfully invited 13 visitors to a business networking group with one text-only Facebook post (for agents who need to grow their team)

Facebook live videos received more than 1.2K views, 112 likes, 17 shares and 72 comments over 24 hours (27 August 2016)


Generated more than 100 likes on text only post, an excellent “indirect-marketing” and credibility building campaign, example of engaging your audience without hard-selling on Facebook. 133 likes, 21 shares (18 August 2016)

The #ZBFM Experience

What #ZBFM participants say

Marcus Teoh’s Workshops, Conferences and Speaking Engagements

Zero Budget Facebook Marketing workshop 27 August 2016 at Pullman Hotel, Bangsar

Digital Marketing Tactics and Execution (via Facebook Account) at Entrepreneur Insight’s first ever Workshop and Panel session, Connexion at Nexus, Bangsar

Introduction to Zero Budget Facebook Marketing to Real Estate Negotiators from GS Realty, one of the largest Real Estate companies in Malaysia

Introduction to Zero Budget Facebook Marketing to Real Estate Negotiators from GS Realty, one of the largest Real Estate companies in Malaysia


Facebook Techniques for Start-up Entrepreneurs for Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia’s CESMED (Centre for Entrepreneurship and Small and Medium Enterprise Development)

“Leadership in the Eyes of Entrepreneurs” for Putra Business School as Panelist

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Start-Up Weekend as Entrepreneurship Mentor

“How to Start a Business with only RM199” in INTI International University, Subang 

Zero Budget Facebook Marketing Workshop for IQI Properties Agents

Facebook Techniques for Start-up Entrepreneurs for PlexTree International

4-5-6 Never Too Late Entrepreneurship Conference Featuring Datin Winnie Loo by PlexTree International

“How to Start a Business with only RM199” for Universiti Malaya School of Engineering

“How to Glow Your Business” on Entrepreneur Platform Day for INTI International University

Sniper Networking Tactics for Start-Up Entrepreneurs by PlexTree International

Marcus Teoh in Media & Newspaper

Capital TV’s Movers and Shakers

TheStar Special Education Guide – Entrepreneurship Development at Berjaya UCH

Malaysia SME – Master of Understatement, Mercedes Benz

Malaysia SME – Plenty to BAG About, LuxOnU

NTV7’s Bella Talk Show

TheStar Special Education Guide – Career Forum at Berjaya UCH 

Designer Handbag at Any Cost – The Heat

Berjaya University College of Hospitality Press Release

The Course Instructor

Marcus Teoh is an entrepreneur who started multiple businesses despite having minimal start-up capital. From his own experience, he has been marketing his businesses through his personal Facebook profile and has successfully generated inquiries and referrals and built a network of business opportunities via Facebook. He has conducted Facebook workshops and talks to more than 300 individuals in the last 90 days. Past participants include retailers, property/unit trust/insurance/MLM agents, business owners, café owners, investors, retirees, image trainer, technology start-ups founders, social entrepreneurs and professionals. He is also an entrepreneurship speaker and mentor who have spoken in Universiti Malaya (UM), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), INTI International University, Putra Business School (Formerly UPM), Nilai University and National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM)

Marcus Teoh


Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar

No. 1, Jalan Pantai Jaya, Tower 3, Kuala Lumpur

Date & Time

Date: 17 December 2016

Time: 8.45am – 5.00pm

Zero Budget Facebook Marketing

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