Have you always wanted to start a business but do not know what business to start?  Or did you put aside your dream of starting your business because you thought you do not have the capital or the experience?  Why wait when you can take action to get a step closer now?

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One of the biggest myths in entrepreneurship is that you need a lot of capital to start a business.  While it is true that many businesses require a large investment to begin, there are equally as many types of profitable businesses that can be started with low capital.  With smart use of technology, proper guidance and meeting the right people entrepreneurs are able to achieve more with less.  It starts with an intention. If you have started years ago, today you would be enjoying the fruits of your labour.  Today is the next best time.  If not now when?  If not you, who?  If not here, where?  We invite you to begin your entrepreneurial journey with #SWORM199.

In “How to Start a Business with only RM199” you will learn:

  1. How to select the best business to start
  2. How to have customers pay you before your product/service is delivered
  3. How to conduct market research and know what your potential customers want
  4. How to develop the right mind-set and attitude for entrepreneurial success
  5. How to set up your business legally in Malaysia
  6. How to find or build your support team; banker, accountant, web designer, printing services, etc
  7. How to pick a business/brand name to boost business and avoid unnecessary competition and complication
  8. How to prepare a sales and marketing plan
  9. How to manage your emotion, ego and energy
  10. How to manage your partner, family and friend’s expectations when you become a full time entrepreneur
  11. How to use social media (Facebook) to conduct market research and market your business
  12. How to use free internet tools to develop a website, blast emails and be productive
  13. How to leave an impactful and positive impression and be remembered for your products/services
  14. How to attract followers and potential customers
  15. How to build self-esteem and develop self-confidence
  16. How to seize every single and little opportunity to promote your business without being labelled as “hard selling”
  17. How to find suppliers, check if they are reliable and negotiate for a “win-win” situation
  18. How to prepare yourself financially before turning into a full time entrepreneur
  19. How to turn your colleagues to be your marketing team when you quit your full time job
  20. How to grow your database and market your business to your database
  21. How to avoid the most common mistakes aspiring, new and sometimes even existing entrepreneurs make

Who is Marcus Teoh?

Marcus Teoh is an entrepreneur who started multiple businesses despite having minimal start-up capital.  The Founder of Marcus Teoh Global a training and consultancy company, Marcus runs workshops and speaks at entrepreneurial events.  He is known for two workshops titled “How to Start a Business with only RM199” (#SWORM199) and “Zero Budget Facebook Marketing” (#ZBFM).

In 2009, Marcus started his full time entrepreneurial journey distributing luxury handbags when he and partner, Rachel founded LuxOnU.  LuxOnU import Prada, Gucci, Coach, Michael Kors, Burberry and Longchamp handbags and distribute to clients including UOB Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, CIMB Bank, Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM), Bizzy Body Slimming, Jean Yip, Alcon, TheStar Publications and KPMG. LuxOnU’s success attracted brand names such as Swarovski and OTO Bodycare to appoint LuxOnU as their corporate distributor in Malaysia.

While still running his business, he was invited to be a part-time lecturer in a local premier university in the course “Entrepreneurship Development” and also an entrepreneurship mentor for university students.  Marcus has helped more than 200 young adults with no experience and no budget to generate more than RM200K worth of revenue.

In addition to running his training and consultancy business, Marcus is also the Managing Director of PlexTree International Sdn. Bhd. PlexTree is a company run by 10 entrepreneurs from multiple industries to help micro and small business owners by providing entrepreneurial education and offering a platform (e.g. conference) for them to shine.

Marcus and friends organize entrepreneurial networking dinners and help connect entrepreneurs with potential opportunities, partners and suppliers.  He is a strong believer of collaboration over competition and “our network is our nett worth”.  The largest networking dinner he and team have organized till date “Awesomeness Feast” had 130+ entrepreneurs.

Marcus’ Success Stories

Used items sale business “Treasure Box” with zero capital, RM1,413 nett profit in 60 days


Food and beverage mobile app “Diner Pass” merchant sourcing with zero capital, RM990 in 60 days

Successfully organized a networking dinner with business matching with team for 130+ entrepreneurs & business professionals


Obtained convincing market research data within 24 hours to enable product launch

Travel package (Thailand and Vietnam) marketing business with zero capital, RM11,200 nett profit in 60 days

Consignment business distributing phone cases “Fhone Casey” with zero capital, RM762 nett profit in 60 days


Turned ONE offline media appearance into 400 FB likes with multiple shares

Generated multiple leads and secured an appointment with a major corporate client from ONE Facebook post

Marcus Teoh’s Learnings from Gurus!

Experts Academy by Brendon Burchard, Santa Clara, California U.S.A. 2015

Wadhwani Foundation Entrepreneur Coaches Program by Wadhwani Foundation’s Panel Coaches Mr. Raj Bhat, Dr. Rajeev Roy, Dr. Radhika Meenakshi Shankar, Bangalore, India 2015

Real Internet Secret by Fabian Lim, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2013

Science of Getting Rich by Enrique Tsou 2013

Whisper of the Universe by Enrique Tsou 2013

Marcus Teoh’s Workshops, Conferences and Speaking Engagements

“How to Start a Business with only RM199” for Universiti Malaya School of Engineering

“How to Start a Business with only RM199” in INTI International University, Subang

“How to Start a Business with only RM199” in INTI International University, Subang 

Facebook Techniques for Start-up Entrepreneurs for PlexTree International

4-5-6 Never Too Late Entrepreneurship Conference Featuring Datin Winnie Loo by PlexTree International

“How to bring your business to the Corporate Level” for AVON Malaysia

“How to Glow Your Business” on Entrepreneur Platform Day for INTI International University

Sniper Networking Tactics for Start-Up Entrepreneurs by PlexTree International

Mr. Stylo Conference “The M Factor” 2016

“How to Start a Business with only RM199” for Maxis’ Ohhsome Fest

Facebook Techniques for Start-up Entrepreneurs for Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia’s CESMED (Centre for Entrepreneurship and Small and Medium Enterprise Development)

It Starts With Me Entrepreneurship Conference Featuring Freda Liu by PlexTree International

“How to Start a Business with only RM199” in INTI International University, Subang 

“Leadership in the Eyes of Entrepreneurs” for Putra Business School as Panelist

“Ideation Workshop for Start-Ups” for Nilai University Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell) by Wadhwani Foundation

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Start-Up Weekend as Entrepreneurship Mentor

Marcus Teoh in Media (TV & Newspaper)

Capital TV’s Movers and Shakers

TheStar Special Education Guide – Entrepreneurship Development at Berjaya UCH

Malaysia SME – Master of Understatement, Mercedes Benz

Berjaya University College of Hospitality Press Release

NTV7’s Bella Talk Show

TheStar Special Education Guide – Career Forum at Berjaya UCH 

Malaysia SME – Plenty to BAG About, LuxOnU

Designer Handbag at Any Cost – The Heat

Marcus Teoh's Video Testimonials


Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar

Level 1,
No. 1, Jalan Pantai Jaya, Tower 3, Kuala Lumpur

Date & Time

Date: 30 July 2016

Time: 8.45am – 5.00pm


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